Filtered Water That’s Cleaner & Safer

Filtered Water That’s Cleaner & Safer

Water filters are an essential part of home maintenance, as they provide clean and safe drinking water for you and your family. These filters remove impurities, such as sediment, chlorine, and lead, so that you can enjoy clean water without worrying about the safety of your drinking supply.

Our Water Filtration Systems

AIM Water is your local source for Kinetico Water Treatment Systems for your home or business. Kinetico is known for brilliantly simple water treatments that are tailored to your home.

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Benefits Of A Water Filter System

Remove Contaminants

Eliminate your concerns around the quality of your drinking water.

Healthier Drinking Water

Water softening provides improved energy & cost savings.

Environmentally Friendly

Using filtered water reduces plastic waste created by bottled water.

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Why Customers Choose Aim Water Treatment

  • Excellent Service

Professional & reliable service guaranteed.

  • Peace of Mind

Eliminate worry about the quality of your drinking water.

  • Sustainability

Our water treatment solutions are safe & eco-friendly.

  • Safer Water For Everyone

Cleaner & safer water solutions for homes and businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

First it must be determined if all the water has an odor or if only one faucet. Simply draw a glass of water from the raw faucet, cold soft faucet, hot soft faucet and smell. If the smell is in the raw water and the treated cold then your well system and water treatment system needs to be chlorinated. Please call us for detailed information on the procedure. If the hot water smells or is much stronger than the cold, the problem is arising out of the water heater. In the water heater there is an Anode (magnesium) rod that will sometimes react to water and cause an odor. This rod is put in all water heaters to attract calcium and iron to keep it from building on the sides of the heater. With conditioned water there isn’t any need for this rod. The rod is located either on the hot side out or on the top of the heater with a separate plug. Simply pull this rod and plug it with a ¾” plug. Also, we have seen where the water will react with the pressure tank. In this case the pressure tank needs to be replaced

The first thing to do is to make sure you never run out of regenerate (salt). If you have iron in your water be sure to use a resin cleaner in your salt according to the water technicians recommendation.

The brine tank only needs to be cleaned if you use a dirty grade of salt. Basically salt is salt. The difference between salts is the degree of purity. Pelletized salt is generally 97-99% clean and rock salt has approximately 8% foreign matter. We recommend the use of AIM salt (pellet). Never use rock. Salts with iron remover added may be used as this is simply a refined salt with a resin cleaner added. If you follow this recommendation you should only have to clean the brine tank every 10 years.

The answer to this is dependent on the type of problem. In almost all cases if you put the unit in bypass no water will be permitted through the system until a qualified service person can analyze and repair the malfunction. For those with electric units, simply unplugging the unit will not disconnect the water system.

This is dependent on the amount of debris in your water. A minimum of once a year is recommended or more often if your water pressure drops.

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