Saltless is the new catch phrase for people who want to improve their water without maintenance or recurring expenses.  In order to use Saltless treatments you need to be aware of the pro’s and con’s of each process.  One thing needs to be made clear – Saltless systems generally won’t remove iron and other contaminants from your water unless they are using a replaceable filter/media.  Most of the available Saltless systems are for scale reduction.  Depending on the process you may not get the benefits of soft/conditioned water (soap usage, smoother skin, easier cleaning, eliminating soap scum, etc).    If the system you are considering is being sold simply based on testimonials then BEWARE, you need to be able to judge the effectiveness of the system other than by testimonials.

One process contains a media which nucleates some dissolved metalic salts out of solution. These crystals, once formed, remain in the water, and still react with oils, detergents, etc. in the same manner as the dissolved salts. They also continue to form scale wherever water is allowed to evaporate, such as faucet nozzels and shower heads. In fact, it’s possible that evaporative scaling could be worse than before installing a system.

Another process reduces scale by using a replaceable media to change the calcium carbonate into a calcium carbonate crystal.  This crystal then limits the scaling properties of the calcium in water using appliances and plumbing.  If your need is to simply reduce scale then this type of treatment may be what you would need.  The media is replaceable based on gallons used and hardness.

An additional process claims to change the structure of the molecules in the water by using an electrical charge or magnetic force.  This process has been around for years but has never been certified by any third party sources.  Generally it is presented based on testimonials.

REVERSE OSMOSIS can be considered a true “Saltless” system that would give you the benefits of soft/conditioned water.  Unfortunately, the process generally requires some water storage with re-pressurization and waste water.   Kinetico provides a TX Membrane system that can take on iron, odor-causing impurities and chlorine. The semipermeable membrane filter traps the contaminants so only clean water can pass through. The TX also features a disinfection generator, a large capacity tank and finishing-stage carbon filters for premium taste appeal.

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