Softened Water That Benefits You & Your Home

Softened Water That Benefits You & Your Home

For better water that fits every home and every budget, look to AIM Water. We offer a range of products and approaches to provide your family with a continuous supply of soft, clean water. Ask us which water softener will work for you. We will come to your home and perform a plumbing analysis, plus test your water in order to apply the right piece of equipment.

Our Water Softening Solutions

AIM Water is your local source for Kinetico Water Treatment Systems for your home or business. Kinetico is known for brilliantly simple water treatments that are tailored to your home.

Kinetico Water Softener 30 S

Kinetico 30 S

Kinetico 2040 Water Softener

Kinetico 2040

Kinetico Water Softener

Kinetico M60

5600 metered water softening tank

5600 Standard

5600 metered water softening tank

5600 Metered

Benefits of Water Softening

Extended Appliance Lifespan

Softened water prevents mineral buildup in your appliances.

Save Money

Water softening provides improved energy & cost savings.

Brighter & Cleaner Clothes

Soft water helps keep your laundry bright & clean.

Healthier Hair & Skin

Cleaner & safer water solutions for homes and businesses.

Our Professional Promise

Why Customers Choose Aim Water Treatment

  • Excellent Service

Professional & reliable service guaranteed.

  • Peace of Mind

Eliminate worry about the quality of your drinking water.

  • Sustainability

Our water treatments are safe and eco-friendly.

  • Safer Water For Everyone

Cleaner & safer water solutions for homes and businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

These terms were coined to describe the effect that sodium ion exchange has on water when the water was passed through a media bed charged with sodium ions. Water treated in this fashion will provide a water that is more usable in the home. This water will permit soaps to lather using 1/4th the normal amount of soap. Softened water generally pays for itself through the reduced soap usage and eliminating lime/iron staining on fixtures.

The question is answered between you, your Dr.and your taste buds. The fact is that if your water was tested at 20 grains of hardness you would be consuming 38 milligrams of sodium in every 8 ounces of water. Keeping in mind that a regular hamburger at a fast food restaurant has approx. 400 milligrams and a 4 oz. cup of chicken noodle soup has 400 milligrams. The daily minimum requirement of sodium intake required to sustain life is 200 milligrams. If you are concerned about the sodium, there is a sodium substitute available.  If your Dr. restricts your sodium intake to specified milligrams, then you should take your softened water intake into consideration. Keep in mind that we have drinking water systems that can remove the sodium.

First, if you have an electric unit, check to see that the unit is plugged in. Second, check to see if the timer is pointing to the correct time of day. Third, check to see that you have salt in the brine tank and that it isn’t bridged. Fourth, make sure that the unit is not in bypass. These four checkpoints have been found to solve a great percentage of problems.

YES. Soft water is satisfactory for most aquarium fishes. Softened water does not have a toxic or undesirable effect on them. You should, however, change the water gradually changing about one-fourth of the tank at a time. Eventually the complete tank will be soft water.

Since softened water has a sodium content, you should not water your indoor plants with softened water unless you are going to care for your plants by periodically repotting with new soil. Out door plants generally will not be affected by watering with softened water.

The answer is in whom you wish to believe. As of this date there are no reports showing that discharging water softeners into the septic has any harmful effects. In some situations it shows that the additional discharge actually helps a septic to operate more effectively. However, in certain areas of the country they have banned the practice due to fears of excessive overload. The fact is that with a properly operating water softener the discharge contains minimal salt and actually has minerals of calcium and magnesium that helps the perculation.  (EPA 625/R-00/008)

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